The Sailor Boys HD preview

The sailor boys are looking at a video of their roomate on a phone. They caught him on camera sniffing their sweaty gym socks. They decide to make him their foot slave. Ivan grabs Chris and orders him to worship Tom and Alex's feet. They then throw him on the floor and make him lick all their feet. All the boys get their cocks sucked and then they all trample him on the floor. All three lads stand full weight on their slave making him groan in pain. They throw Chris onto the bed a make him take off his shorts. Ivan shoves a dildo in Chris' arse while the other boys rub their feet in his face. Ivan whips Chris' feet with a riding crop while using the dildo, more to come in Part 2!

Model: IvanAlex DTom UliChris

Posted: Fri, 30 September 2016