Caught In The Locker Room 3 HD FREE preview

Caught In The Locker Room 3 4 part series preview. Total running time 60mins.

Part 1- Billy Rubens catches Chris wanking over his trainers. He kicks and whips Chris' arse and makes him lick his dirty football boots.
Part 2 - Billy stomps on Chris with boots, socks and barefeet and makes Chris worship his socks and feet.
Part 3 - Exclusive to
Clips4Sale Billy pisses in a bottle and pours it on his feet and makes chris lick it all off.
Part 4 - Billy gets his feet muddy and makes Chris lick them clean while whipping the sole of his feet with a belt. He then makes Chris lick his arse clean while beating his feet more. Finally he makes chris suck him off and then Chris wanks licking Billys feet.

Model: Billy RubensChris

Posted: Sat, 3 August 2013