The Foot Torture Game HD FREE Preview

 40 Mins High Definition

Chris wakes up to find that he cannot move, his arms are tied to the chair and he is gagged with a sock. His feet are in wooden stocks with each toe tied back making it impossible to move his feet. Marcus comes in and explains that this is punishment for Chris tickling Marcus so many times. Marcus has a selection of 8 tools - belt, tawse, gluestick, wooden spoon, cat 5 whip, riding crop, plastic spoon and a cane. Also 2 Dice. One with 8 sides which is used to randomly select the tool and one with 20 sides which determins how many lashes are given to each foot. Later in the game one tool is swapped for a hairbrush and the feet are tickled for the number of seconds on the dice.
The Game is played with no mercy for 70 rounds with over 1300 lashes given to Chris' soles.

Model: ChrisMarcus

Posted: Sat, 14 September 2013