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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my visitors.

Barefooting Wank In The Field HD
Posted: Fri, 14 November 2014
Models: Chris

20 Mins High Definition 1080P I have really been getting into barefooting recently. I love running barefoot and hiking round field and woods barefoot. I get really turned on by it so in this video you see me barefooting getting my feet dirty pissing on my muddy feet and then having a wank. 

LukeA Playing Football with Dirty Feet 273 Photos
Posted: Fri, 14 November 2014
Models: Luke A

Luke has a kick about in the garder wearing full football kit, then he takes off his boots and socks and gets his cute soles all muddy. Chris help him out by licking them clean after. Video coming soon.

MarkyP and Milo Getting Muddy Feet 236 Photos
Posted: Wed, 5 November 2014
Models: Marky P, Milo

Marky P and Milo trash their trainers by going in the muddy stream barefoot. Mark also trashes his white socks. The lads go for a barefoot paddle in the mud getting ready for their slave to worship their feet.

Crossy Wearing TNs With Dirty Feet 89 Photos
Posted: Wed, 15 October 2014
Models: Crossy

After playing in the mud by the stream, Crossy goes back to the house and gets ready for Chris to lick his dirty feet clean. He takes off his muddy TNs and muddy white socks and puts his feet up ready to have them licked clean.

Bastinado Training HD
Posted: Wed, 8 October 2014
Models: Chris

 16 Mins High Definition 1080P Chris ties his feet to the bed and beats his soles with a variety of new and old torture devices. One for those who enjoy self torture. 

Milo In Muddy Football Kit 245 Photos
Posted: Wed, 1 October 2014
Models: Milo

Milo has a fun game of football after the rain and gets caked in mud.

Crossy Getting His Barefeet and TNs Covered In Mud 389 Photos
Posted: Wed, 17 September 2014
Models: Crossy

Continued from his previous set in the field, Crossy goes down to the stream and finds a nice load of mud, he trashes his TNs and they get stuck in the mud so he pulls his feet out the trainers and get his barefeet covered in mud too. Finally his puts his socks on his muddy feet and put his trainers back on ready for me to lick clean later.

Step Dad Slave HD Part 2
Posted: Fri, 5 September 2014
Models: Marky P, Milo

22 Mins High Definition 1080P Milo decided his step dad needs a bit more punishment for being a dirty pervert and call his mate Mark to come over and help teach the cunt some respect. Mark and Milo go down the the stream and walk in the mud with their trainers socks and barefeet. Milo calls his step dad down to the field to clean their feet. The dirty pig gets on the floor in the mud and cleans both their feet while Milo gobs in his face and Mark beats him with a stick.

Crossy In The Field Wearing TNs With No Socks 170 Photos
Posted: Wed, 27 August 2014
Models: Crossy

 Crossy is out in the field wearing trackies and white TNs with no socks. He takes off his trainers and walks around barefoot. In the next part of this set he gets in the mud wearing his trainers and barefoot.

Step Dad Slave HD Part 1
Posted: Fri, 22 August 2014
Models: Milo

Milo comes home from playing football totally caked in mud. He doesn't take off his boots and walks mud onto the carpet. Milos step dad starts having a go at him for being muddy in the house. Milo is not taking any shit from his step dad. He reveals that his knows his step dads dirty little secret that his is actually gay and likes young boys feet. Milo shows him a video on his phone of his step dad wanking over his sweaty socks.  Milo decides that his step dad needs to be taught a lesson and makes him get on the floor and lick his muddy boots. Milo stomps, kick and gobs on his step dad and shoves his rank socks in his face.  Milo finally makes him lick his sweaty dirty feet and call his friend Mark and tell him to come and join in. Continued in part 2 coming soon.

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