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Mike And Andy Trainers And Barefoot Stomp

9 Minutes 10 Seconds Standard Definition

Mike and Andy in just shorts and trainers stomping all over a salve then slipping off their shoes to stomp him barefoot.

Chris Stomp In Socks And Barefoot

8 Minutes 40 Seconds Standard Definition

Chris stomping on a slave's body and face in white socks and barefoot.

Chris Stomping In Army Uniform

5 Minutes 50 Seconds Standard Definition

Chris in army uniform and big black boots marching on a guys chest, stomping all over him and booting him up the arse.

Gareth R And LukeD Boxing Barefoot

5 Minutes 40 Seconds Standard Definition

Gareth R and Luke boxing barefoot in just shorts.

Mike Kickboxing Stomp

6 Minutes 30 Seconds Standard Definition

Mike in kickboxing gear stomping, gobbing on a guy and making him worship his barefeet.

Chris And Kevin Nike Trainer Stomp

8 Minute 50 Seconds Standard Definition

Chris in Nike TN's, no socks and Chris in Nike trainers stomping on a guys chest and back,sitting on his head and face and stomping his face.

Dave And Simon Grape Squash

8 Minutes 50 Seconds Standard Definition

Dave and Simon barefoot squashing grapes in the bath and getting their feet messy.

Kevin Stomping In TN's

5 Minutes 10 Seconds Standard Definition

Kevin stomping on a guys chest,bouncing on his chest and bouncing on his face in white Nike TN's.

Gareth R And LukeD Wrestling Barefoot

4 Minutes 10 Seconds Standard Definition

Gareth R and Luke wrestling on the bed barefoot in trackies.

Jon Fruit Squashing Barefoot

6 Miinutes 50 Seconds Standard Definition

Jon squashing a bunch of grapes, an orange and some bananas barefoot in the bath.

Tickle Terror 5

58 Minutes Standard Definition.

18 year old Mark gets his lovely size 8 feet tickled by Andy before Chris joins the attack, tickling his armpits and ribs. Mark giggles helplessly and thrashes about the bed and his reactions are particularly extreme when they both tickle his feet together. In the second scene, 26 year old Ste with really gorgeous size nine feet gets tickled by Chris before turning the tables on him. Just watch Ste's toes flexing as Chris attacks his soles with a hairbrush to which Ste returns the favour by applying paintbrushes and pine cones to Chris's feet. Lastly we get 19 year old Casper, with tiny size five feet which are savagely tickled.Despite being manacled at the wrists and ankles, he bucks, bounces and thrusts wildly, simultaneously teasing Chris with his feet and trying to kick him in the face for his labours.


Andy Stomping In Nike Trainers

6 Minutes 40 Seconds Standard Definition

Andy stomping all over a guys body and face in blue Nike trainers.

Chris Stomping In Adidas Trainers

3 Minutes 50 Seconds Standard Definition

Chris stomping all over a slave's back and face in Adidas trainers

Ste Custard Tart Squash

 3 Minutes 30 Seconds Standard Definition

Ste slowly slipping out of his grey nike trainers and white socks to squash 2 custard tarts between his barefeet.

Chris Stomping A Slave In Reebok's

3 Minutes 30 Seconds Standard Definition

Chris stomping on a slaves back and face in white Reebok trainers.

Mike Barefoot Cake Squash

3 Minutes 20 Seconds Standard Definition

Mike taking off his Puma trainers to squash a chocolate cake barefoot.

Justin Barefoot Banana Squash

3 Minutes 40 Seconds Standard Definition

Justin barefoot squashing bananas in the bath.

Gareth R Practising Boxing Barefoot

4 Minutes 40 Seconds Standard Definition

Gareth R practising boxing in just his shorts.

Chris Stomping A Slave In Reebok Trainers

4 Minutes 10 Seconds Standard Definition

Chris stomping on a slave, stomping on his face and gobbing on him all in white Reebok trainers.

Chris Trainspotter Stomp In White Trainers

4 Minute 20 Seconds Standard Definition

Chris stomping a train spotter, making him worship his trainers and destroying his favourite book.

Chris Stomping In Lacoste Trainers

4 Minutes 30 Seconds Standard Definition

Chris stomping on a guy and standing on his head in white Lacoste trainers and trackies.

Dave And LeeM Boxing In Trainers

3 Minutes 10 Seconds Standard Definition

Dave and Lee boxing outside in trainers.

Kevin Stomping A Guy In TN's

4 Minutes 20 Seconds

Kevin in just shorts, black socks and Nike TN's stomping on a guy and jumping from a side table.

Chris Stomping On A Slave And His Train In Rockport's

3 Minutes Standard Definition

Chris stomping on a slave in black Rockport's, making him worship his shoes and smashing his toy trains.

Chris And Andy Stomping In Puma Trainers

3 Minutes 20 Seconds Standard Definition

Chris and Andy stomping on a slave in trainers,making him worship their trainers and gobbing on him.

Gareth R And Glen Boxing In Trainers And White Socks

3 Minutes 50 Seconds Standard Definition

Gareth R and Glen practising their boxing in the garden in white socks and trainers.

Chris And Andy Videotape Stomp In Rockport's

4 Minutes Standard Definition

Chris and Andy in black Rockport's stomping a railway enthusiasts train video, stomping on him and making him worship their Rockports.

Dave And Simon Barefoot Wrestling

3 Minutes 20 Seconds Standard Definition

Dave and Simon wrestling on the bed in just trackies barefoot.

Gareth R And Glen Barefoot Wrestling

4 Minutes 20 Seconds Standard Definition

Gareth R and Glen barefoot just in shorts wrestling on the bed.

Matt M And Jim Kickboxing Barefoot

3 Minutes 10 Seconds Standard Definition

Matt M and Jim barefoot kickboxing practice.

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