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Chris Stomping Trains In Trainers

 2 Minutes 50 Seconds Standard Definition

Chris stomping up toy trains in white trainers.

Chris Stomping On A Slave In Nike's

 3 Minutes Standard Definition

Chris stomping all over a slave in grey Nike trainers.

Andy Stomping A Slave And Train In Black Rockport's Free Video

 1 Minute 52 Seconds Standard Definition

Andy stomping on a slave and toy train at the same time in black Rockport's.

Gareth R And Glen Barefoot Grape Squash

 3 Minutes Standard Definition

Gareth R and Glen barefoot squashing grapes in the bath.

Will Barefoot Banana Squash

 2 Minutes 50 Seconds Standard Definition

Will in the bath barefoot squashing bananas between his toes.

Matt B Phone Stomp In Black Boots Free Video

 1 Minute 30 Seconds Standard Definition

Matt B in the garden stomping a phone to pieces in big, black boots.

Chris And Kevin Trainer Stomping

 3 Minutes Standard Definition

Chris and Kevin stomping on a slave in trainers.

Matt M Squashing Tomato's Barefoot

 2 Minutes 30 Seconds Standard Definition

Matt M squashing and sliding on tomato's barefoot in the bath.

Kevin And Gareth R Stomping In Trainers FREE Video

 30 Second Standard Definition

Gareth R and Kevin stomping wearing trainers and gobbing on a slave

Jons Foot Torture

 18 Minutes Standard Definition.

Jon first has his trainers pulled off his white socked feet. His ankles are taped to the end of the bed. His socked feet are then whipped with a crop and whip and tickled a bit. His socks are then removed revealing his already tender soles and his bare feet are then caned, whipped and beaten some more. He is then mummified with cling film and has his soles beaten while lying on the couch. Finally he is tied to the bed- arms and legs spread- and his soles are given a final beating. This kind of foot scenario is not for everyone but for those who wish to punish rather than worship such smooth feet, this is a well-produced movie.

Tickle Terror 2

 38 Minutes Standard Definition.

John M is tied to the bed with leather cuffs. His ultra ticklish bare feet and body are tickled by Chris and Andy non stop for 17 minutes. John is one of the most ticklish boys on the site.
Next up for some torture is the gorgeous Richard. He is one of the most popular models in the history of the site. He is tied up with leather cuffs and has his shoes and socks taken off. His barefeet and bare chest are tickled at the same time by Chris and Andy making Richard laugh in the most hilarious way.

Tickle Terror 1

 39 Minutes Standard Definition.     VIP members can watch this video free

Mike-E is tied to the bed with ropes and has his body and white socked feet tickled by Andy and Chris. After a few mins his socks come off and his ultra ticklish feet are mercilessly tickled.
Next its Andy's turn he is tied to the bed and blindfolded with a football sock. He is tickled all over by Mike-E and Chris.

Elliott Wanking Sniffing His Socks And Trainers

 20 Minutes Standard Definition.      VIP members can watch this video free.

Elliot starts off in full trackies and slowly strips down to nothing, showing his slim, smooth body and huge feet. He sniffs his socks and trainers intermittently throughout the video whilst jerking off. He sucks his own toes and shoots a big thick load at the end and rubs it on his feet.

Kieron Dirty Foot Worship

 19 Minutes Standard Definition.

After digging a hole in the garden wearing his Cat boots Kieron decides to take off his boots and do some digging barefoot as you can see in the photo set on his page. His feet get very muddy and i couldn't let him walk on the carpet like that so I had to lick them clean.

Ricki Foot Worship

 21 Minutes Standard Definition

Ricki is wearing dirty Nike TNs with no socks, Chris licks his dirty trainers then takes them off his stinking feet and licks all the sweat off them.

Kieron Foot Worship

 35 Minutes Standard Definition

A very horny scene in which Kieron enjoys his first ever foot worship so much that he wanks himself off and spunks all over his belly. He is lying on the sofa while Chris sniffs his trainers before pulling them off his sockless feet and licks his toes and soles with a great passion until Kieron can't take the pleasure anymore. He rubs his feet all over Chris's face and cock causing Chris to spunk helplessly too. Kieron is not an aggressive foot master and there is no verbal and he is clearly enjoying himself right until the final moments when he releases his sperm.

Ste Foot Worship

 21 Minutes High Definition.

Ste relaxes on the sofa while Chris licks his Reebok Classics then slowly removes his sweaty trainers to reveal Ste's beautiful size 9 feet. Chris licks every bit of sweat from his horny feet. Ste grins smugly as the trainers and feet are worshipped and watches intently although a bit of verbal would have been welcome. Ste gets great worship however as the toes are sucked with relish for a master who clearly knows how to feed a sub his sweaty feet. This is a young man who so evidently enjoys having his feet licked that you can fill in the gaps for yourself. What a pair of plates- and Chris works hard to please his young prince.

Justin Foot Worship

 18 Minutes Standard Definition.    VIP members can watch this video free

Justin has his Nike TN's licked all over, then his white Umbro trainer socks are given a good lick and sniff before his beautiful smelly size ten feet get a nice tasty tongue bath. Looking horny in a Nike top and trackies, he sits on the couch and rubs his bare feet in Chris's face before dangling his toes into his mouth as he lays underneath. You see Chris's tongue getting right between those toes before Justin orders him tersely 'socks' meaning he's satisfied for now. Justin, who has been a sub to good effect in other films and galleries, has no problem taking on the mantle of foot top and this is a horny film.

Will Foot Worship

 14 Minutes Standard Definition

Will is on the bed wearing Reebok Classics with no socks and marvelling at the position he finds himself in- as Chris slips off his Reeboks, he murmurs awestruck 'I've never had anyone take off my shoes before'. So begins his introduction to the world of toe sucking as Chris licks and sucks his beautiful young smooth size ten sweaty feet. Will clearly relishes it and can only repeat 'that feels really good'. Chris licks his smooth soles and sucks his long sexy toes- the fact it's clearly Will's first time and he's nervous, curious and turned on all at the same time only adds to the excitement of this film. Let's hope we see a lot more of this young foot master soon.

Reebok Classic Worship

 35 Minutes Standard Definition.   FREE Preview

Chris has one of his slaves come over for a bit of trainer worship. He makes the slave lie on the floor and lick the soles of his Reebok Classics while kicking the piece of shit in the gut. He gobs in his face and rubs it in with this foot. The slave then cleans the top of Chris' trainers while being kicked in the back and head. Chris takes off his trainer and pushes the slaves face into it with his socked foot making him inhale deeply. Then he shoves his socked foot in the slaves face making him sniff it. He ties his trainer over the slaves face and stomps on his gut and balls and standing full weight on him. The slave is then made to lick and sniff Chris' rank barefeet and swallow more gob.

Schoolboy Tickle Torture

 30 Minutes Standard Definition.

All the boys are sitting on the sofa in their school uniform when out of nowhere Gareth and Jason decide to tickle Ryan and wrestle him to the floor. A long tickling session ensues as Ryan pleads in vain. Gareth peels off Ryan's socks as he screams, pleading for his feet back to the sound of manic laughter. You can really see the toes curl under the vicious probing of fingers, brushes and toothbrushes. They start slowly to strip Ryan to tickle his armpits, nipples and cock and balls, until he is lying completely naked at their mercy. soon the laughter is stops as out of nowhere as the boys begin to suck his cock and soon he is returning the favour. Gareth develops an impressive hard-on as Ryan starts to give them verbal, something Gareth does not take kindly to as he reminds him they are in charge here which puts Ryan back into his place. The video finishes with a cum shot that is almost missed and leaves Jason complaining he has cum in his ear.

Richard Worship

 38 Minutes Standard Defintion.

This video stars Richard in a baseball cap, trackies and trainers arriving for a foot worship session on a sunday evening having been clubbing all weekend. At various times he proclaims in a sexy, deep voice he absolutely loves it and closes his eyes in pleasure. Chris smears dollops of banana Angel Delight on his tootsies and begins to lick them clean. He tells us 'its a strange combination of banana and cheese' and we get many superb close ups of Chris expertly licking his feet.

Robs Dirty Foot Slave

 32 Minutes Standard Definition

At the end of Rob's Foot Slave Video he promised that next time his feet would be more smelly and dirty and he really meant it. Having worn his smelly Reebok Classics all weekend with no socks and not showering for 3 days he then played footie all weekend so when his trainers come off the room fills with the smell of his sweaty feet. The football socks are damp with sweat and must have tasted so good.What a dominating teasing stud he is, casually toying with his football as his smelly feet are worshipped. Not satisfied with just the smell he walks barefoot across a muddy playing field before ordering Chris to lick every inch clean. Rob is both amused and amazed when Chris begins lapping the mud away, it is particularly arousing to watch as the feet slowly regain their original colour.

Robs Foot Slave

 34 Minutes Standard Definition.   FREE Preview

Rob lies back on the bed as Chris begins to lick his Reebok Classics clean. Rob then forces Chris to clean the dirty soles of the trainer too, all covered in dirt and grime from going out clubbing. He then rubs his sweaty socks in Chris's face and forces him to sniff his cheesy socks. His rank sweaty feet are licked clean and he dominates in a very horny teasing manners. This young model has great charisma and its great to see him back where he belongs.

Lads Feet Worship 2

 52 Minutes Standard Definition. Click here for a free preview

20 year old, handsome Lez in, in baseball cap,  fondles his clearly erect cock in white Calvin's while getting his beautiful feet licked and sucked by Chris. He clearly is enjoying himself as he stays with lips shut lying back watching and occasionally shutting his eyes in bliss. There follows a fantastic scene between boyfriends Sam and Ethan, which shows exactly how foot sex between loves should be. it is dirty yet tender while horney and romantic. Gorgeous Sam gets him size tens throughly worshipped by Ethan who clearly has a subservient side. The video ends with what may be the websites first on screen orgas as Sam groans loudly while grindin his cortch agains Ethan's, while feasting on his Pumas and barefeet.

Kyle P Tickle Worship

 45 Minutes Standard Definition.

Kyle is tied to a bed and has his feet tickled and worshipped by Chris. Kyle then wanks off while Chris fucks his feet. Kyle spunks on his belly and Chris rubs his foot in the spunk and makes Kyle worship his foot.

Foot Food

 38 Minutes Standard Definition. Click here for Free preview

Andy and Chris start  off this video by spreading peanut butter and jam on eachothers feet and licking it off. Followed by Maxx dunking his foot into a big bowl of trifle and having chris lick his foot clean. Then its Richards turn to have banana angel delight spread all over his feet and licked off by Chris.


Footie Foot Fun 1

40 Minutes Standard Definition.Click here for Free preview      VIP members can watch this video free.

Chris and Andy are having a romantic evening on the sofa. Chris suggests he give Andy a foot massage and takes off those size eleven white Nikes. He sniffs them and the white socks, which fucking stink. He removes the socks and sexily laps up the sweat from Andy's wide soles before sucking his toes and licking inbetween them while Andy watches, smiling and sometimes moaning in bliss. Andy returns the favour, removing Chris's Reeboks and inhaling the white socks before peeling them off. Andy certainly knows how to suck toes and gives Chris some intense foot worship. The camera cuts between the two of them indulging when Chris mentions Matt is coming round after a football match and wonders if he'd be up for a foot massage. Andy replies 'i doubt it, he's straight'.Chris replies he knows he is straight but imagine both of us sitting here playing with his feet, all sweaty after his football match. Bang on cue, Matt knocks on the door and enters in full footy kit. Like all good Englishmen, They talk about the match and the weather before Chris pops the question which Matt takes very kindly to. Chris removes his Adidas trainers, exclaiming 'fucking hell' at the stink as the trainers come off and massages his socked feet. The suggestion is put forward the massage would work better if the feet were bare. Andy watches enthralled and focused before joining in, slurping on Matt's toes with relish. Matt may well be straight but he clearly enjoys the worship bestowed upon his gorgeous feet.

Footie Foot Fun 2

 33 Minutes Standard Definition.Click here for a Free preview

Footie Foot Fun 2 is very aptly named as it starts with a game of footie, there's plenty of foot fun and it features 2 lads being serviced at once. Gareth R and Jason, in football strip, have a long kick about in the park before coming in to have their feet worshipped. Both had really stinky feet after so much running around. Chris removes Gareth’s blue football socks and licks his cute, smooth size nine feet before stripping off Jason's white footie socks to suck his big, wide beautiful size elevens (that Gareth refers to as 'crater feet'). The charming aspect to this video is that the boys, who have been so dominant and vicious in other videos, find the servicing incredibly ticklish and scream with laughter throughout. They screw their faces up in an effort not to giggle, but continually set each other off sniggering again. Gareth can't resist a bit of verbal- 'eat the toes; suck them, big bitch' before collapsing into giggles again. Jason says that when Chris licks 'across the toes- that's the worst'. The horniest bit comes when Chris sucks both guys' toes together as they sit and watch him laughing. They finally make an attempt at licking each other's feet punctuated with so much writhing and laughing that Gareth falls off the sofa. Towards the end, Jason says 'look, he's sniffing them' and Gareth jokes 'I'm converted' but the video ends with an unusual silence as they actually get down to properly licking each other's feet. This is a great short video and you really envy Chris having two such classic pairs of feet to worship at the same time.

Cousins Foot Worship 1

 39 Minutes Standard Definition.

Dave and Simon, who had been quiet for the past couple of years make their reappearance in this great double foot worship video. Having both specialised in stomping videos this is the first time the 21 year olds have their feet worshipped. Simon is first to remove his white Pumas and socks and smirks with surprise at the new experience as Chris gets right in between his toes with his tongue. Despite the competitive element between the cousins over who owns the better feet Simon has some of the most beautiful feet i have ever seen and Chris licks them like he's been waiting three years to get under them. Dave is the more dominant of the two barking "clean my feet bitch" as Chris licks bits of biscuit stuck to his feet off. Ever the chancer, he tries to flog his Nikes and socks before the final scene where they both put their feet on the bed and get them licked together while offering their toes to the highest bidder.

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