You Can Now Join LadsFeet, TicklishLads and BondageBoysClub with BitCoin.

Perfect for those with no credit card or those who want more privacy with the transaction.

I only sell 6 month or 1 year memberships this way.

0.014 BitCoin for 6 Months for 1 Website

0.02 BitCoin for 6 Months for 2 Websites

0.02 BitCoin for 1 Year for 1 Website

0.032 BitCoin for 1 Year for 2 Websites

After payment is sent email with the site you want to join, payment reference and the username and password you want to use.

The Address for the bitcoin wallet is


Or scan the QR code below

If you dont have BitCoins yet, you can setup an account with in a few mins.